Admission: One day last year I decided to quit writing. I was feeling tired and discouraged. I didn’t have a next story planned after The Crazy One and no ideas were coming. 

That night I was relieved to get to do what non-writers do. I watched TV and surfed the Internet. Somehow I ended up down a rabbit hole. I stumbled onto the book you see below—a pregnancy book written by a doctor in 1949. 

As a writer’s brain does, mine quickly crafted a story. I ordered the book from Ebay and read  it cover to cover. Then I drafted The Needleworker’s Baby. I was a writer again.

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The way she sees it, Jolene has two options for getting away from her backwoods family in 1953: She can marry Dan Cog, the hardware store owner's son, or she can escape to the big city. Just when she thinks she has the answer, a series of harrowing events changes everything. 

The Apple Doesn't Fall is the origin story of Jolene Brison Temple, the main character in The Needleworker's Baby by Rebecca Markus.